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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 14, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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roadways, justin, i can tell you, to be able to report on monday morning that we have no rain, this is a good day even with the crisp air, if i can say that. >> that is, yes, huge. you will be battling sun glare later this afternoon, because we got a lot of sun to deal with. really through the upcoming week, but hint of fall around this morning, we had cool temperatures over the weekends, it is a little chilly outside, you will need the jacket most likely, we're in the 50's, even some 40's in some of the coldest suburbs, 57 degrees at the airport in philadelphia, south jersey, 53, in millville. mid 50's, in the capitol city of delaware. close to that, upper 40 degrees mark in the poconos. the suburbs right now, 52 degrees, one of the cooler spots in doylestown, pottstown, chilling at 51. there is a breeze this morning, out of the west, at about ten, maybe 15 miles per hour, adds little more of a chill in the air, as well. we are quiet on storm scan3, that's great news for the morning ride, into work, or school. so, chilly start to the morning. we'll get sunshine through here, through the day, but temperatures still stay below average. write down your numbers, by
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lunchtime lower 70s, then afternoon high temperatures, do top off in the upper 70s for philadelphia, mid 70s at the shore, we keep it in the 60s in the poconos, talk about warm up in the seven day in a few more minutes, but let's hit the roads with meisha with a check on the traffic. >> lets december, that good morning, justin, roads are looking pretty good. i will let you know in about ten minutes the burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to open, so just make note of. that will but yes, roads looking really nice. we do have an accident right now springfield township a vehicle hit a pole, route 68 southbound at route 537. all lanes are blocked. so you certainly want to use an alternate in and around this area, maybe wrightstown, or georgetown road, probably what i would suggest. also, construction the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, between valley forge and norristown, the left and center lanes are blocked, again, for those every in you and around that area. this is just some notes. because when i take a live look outside, everything is looking great. we have big water main break saturday in north philly hunting park avenue is closed between fox street and
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wissahickon avenue. so use another alternate in this area like robert avenue. also, some septa lines are detoured, i'll have the updates coming up in a little bit, but overall just know it will be a busy monday morning. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. an investigation continues into the cause after deadly crash in doylestown. the accident happened last night on route 113 and cold spring creamery road in bucks county. we're told one person was killed. that victim's identity has not been released. 5:02 right now. meisha was just talking about this, road reopens, clean up job underway after water main break in north philadelphia. that will break which happened saturday night reveals more problems with the city's old pipes. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in hunting park where crews are working to assess the damage. good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, there is a whole lot of damage left behind here, in hunting park this morning, and the repair process is going to be a very intrinsic one. water department has to bring in equipment, then excavate
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this entire area, then assess the broken main. meantime city councils sill starting to tackle the issue every aging water mains and pipes in the city. >> this broken main dates back to 1895. >> for two hours saturday night, water gushed from a broken 48-entrance mission line in the hunting park section of philadelphia. the break sent water rushing down hunting park avenue in westmoreland street. it also opened a gaping hole in the parking lot of the old tastykake factory. now, days later, clean up and repairs remain. >> row pairs will take some time. it is a large main, 48 inches is a large transmission main. they're not easy repairs to make. the excavation and the work around it is quite involved. so we'll be out here for some time to make sure we do this and get it done. >> reporter: the philadelphia water department is also trying to determine what caused the break. the main here is 120 years old. >> age is not always a factor. but we will do assessment of the main to see if we can
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identify the cause of the brain. >> reporter: the infrastructure is a concern. last week city council introduce add bill that would require the water department to inspect pipes more than 100 years old. folks who live here in hunting park say it is about time. >> this is an old area. tastykake has been here forever. a lot of this plumbing needs to be updated. >> after all, this is the third break neighbors have witnessed in this area in recent memory. a similar water main break in june flooded the old tastykake parking lot with 7 million gallons of water, and last year in january, another break flood nearby. >> not again. the third water main break they've had since they opened the mall in this area. you know, it is amazing that they still have these problems, and this area is really old, so you would think that they would address these issues by now. >> the good news, however, this morning, is that all of the roads that were once closed have now reopened, and everyone has water in this area. it is the clean up and the repairs that's now going to take a little bit of time.
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we keep up to date on this story, for now, liver in hunting park, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> such a mess, jan, thank you. this is being called one of the fastest burning wild fires in california's state history. house after house is burned to the ground, in middletown lake county. that is a town about 20 miles north of napa valley. authorities say, one person died in that fire, and hundreds of homes and buildings have now been destroyed. we will have more on this devastating fire and live report from california coming up at 5:30. >> meanwhile, happening today, president obama meets with high school student in iowa to outline changes in the federal college aid program. student and their families will now be able to fill out the federal aid form in october, for the following school year, instead of january. it is supposed to help students get a better and earlier handle on whether or not they can afford certain schools. >> meanwhile, kentucky clerk kim davis returns to work today after spending five days in jail for refuse to go issue marriage licenses to same sex
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couples. in her absence, her staff has been issuing the licenses. when davis was release the judge wrote that she could not interfere with their work when she returns. meantime, non-profit group planting peace has has erect in the billboard in davis hometown of morehead t reads dear kim davis the fact you can't sell for your daughter for three goats and a cow means we've already redefined marriage. claims issue marriage license toss same sex couples violates her christian convictions. 5:06 right now. with less than two weeks before pope francis arrives in philadelphia, the feds say that foiled security threat. house homeland security committee chairman, michael mccall, made the revelation, but did not offer many detail. the texas republican says that pope's kindness could become a safety issue because he likes to get close to the crowds. and, now, just 12 days to go, can you believe it, until pope francis arrives here in the city of brotherly love. looking live right now at the ben franklin parkway, where
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the pope will celebrate mass on sunday, september 27th. >> now, when the holy father's plane touches down, one lucky philadelphia family will join archbishops chapping chat ooh in greeting him. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us, one family member is a former philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty. >> september, 2008, philadelphia police officer, patrick mcdonald, shot and killed in the line of duty. responding officer richard bowes shop in the hip while returning fire. five surgeries later, he had to be wheeled to his friend's funeral. seven years later, bows stands withing family for one of the proudest moments of his life. in a surprise announcement at sunday mass, the bows family selected to personally greet pope francis upon his immediate arrival in philadelphia. the honor, humbling wife bernadette, to tears. >> so blessed and humbled, and very grateful. and honestly, you just don't
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feel like we're worthy enough for something of this caliber. >> to their left the man that believes they are worthy, st. christopher parish father joseph garvin, who stayed by richards seven years ago, as he recovered. >> father was with us from the hospital all the way through to even when i was confined to a hospital bed in the house. >> the bullet both shattered richard's hip and ended his career as an officer. father joe even tried to help the family financially. they responded to bows family way. >> i got a lovely cards from her back and it said: dear father joe, somebody in our parish needs this more than i do. >> now, pay-back in a different form. father joe says the selection was easy. >> i couldn't think after better family to represent the archdioces than to represent the people of the area. they are just wonderful people. >> those wonderful people representing all of the collective families of the philadelphia archdioces for one historic moment. so what will they say? >> i hope you enjoy this
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experience at philadelphia. >> i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and while many people hold tailgate parties for the start of the nfl season, sole philadelphians held similar parties but for the pope. st. george fairness port richmond held a world meeting of families tailgate. after mass, the fateful held a party to get everyone excited for the pope's upcoming visit. guests enjoyed some music, some dancing there, games and food. great day for it. "eyewitness news" has a complete guide for you for the papal visit and the world meeting of families. go to visit for more information. >> 5:09 right now. 76ers fans and nba fans across the country are refreshing one of the great sixers stars of all time, moses malone. malone was known as one of the best big men in nba history. he played for eight teams over his 20 years in the league and won the mvp award three times. he was also a 12-time all-star and won it all with the
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sixers, in 1983, he passed away over the weekend. he was 60 years old. >> the eagles kick off the season tonight in atlanta. and it wasn't just the team on it way to atlanta. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> oh, listen to them there. group of eagles fans on their way to the falcons game just burst into song on the plane. should and great game tonight. we have complete preview for you coming up in sport in just a couple of minutes. >> also ahead this morning, doctors are forced to operate on suspected jewel thief who swallowed a diamond. then, later on this morning, two planes bump into each other at los angeles international airport and one of those planes was from new jersey. you'll hear from a passenger on board. also, ahead, some dramatic new images hereof volcano erupting in japan. the latest from there whether we come back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> exciting monday morning, we get excited for the eagles game tonight in atlanta looking inside our cbs news room now on this monday morning, getting ready for the eagles season opener. details coming up in sports. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> two passenger planes collide on the ground at los angeles international airport. ooh needed airlines flight one # nine bumm napped alaska airlines jet last night after landing from new jersey. the alaska jet was being pushed back from the gate prior to take off at the time. passengers on board say they felt a huge jolt and the pilot got on the intercome telling them to remain in their seat. >> they said they wanted everybody to sit back down and buckle up because they were going to either pull us away from the other plane or pull the others -- pull the other plane away from us, and they weren't sure what was going to happen. so they wanted everyone to sit. >> more than one passengers on board both planes. good news no one was injured in that collision.
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a volcano erupts in southern japan, sending up huge plumes of ash and smoke. take look at it right here. erruption prompted authorities to raise the alert level for the area, banning people from approaching near the volcano's mouth. there are no homes nearby, but it is a popular hiking trail. handful of people near the peak were evacuate today safety. >> 5:15, we check in with justin, man, walking out the door you feel the difference. >> little chilly out, there i think you'll need the jacket, these temperatures really typical for late september, as we wake to up some 50's, even four's in some spots. but, let's go outside. see what's happening. we are looking at the parkway at center city, all is quiet out on the roads, news clear -- nice clear sky, little breeze to deal with. it makes it feel little colder. may need the jacket until we get that sun up, that will help warm the temperatures up pretty quickly. coming off cool weekend, yesterday's high temperature, was chilly only 72 degrees
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should be upper 70s, coolest day since june 27th. it has been a while. now middle of septemberment we start getting the hint every fall. >> millville, capitol sit i have of delaware coming in at five, a mid 50's for newark, delaware, closer to the sit, little milder, in the upper 60s, palmyra, philadelphia, 53, mullica hill, 50, in chalfont, this morning, but check out chaddsford, already down to 49 degrees, this hour, elsewhere the suburbs, hanging out in the lower 50's, so yes, that is still officially the summer season, fall doesn't begin until next wednesday, september 23rd, arrives at 4:20 in the morning, so we will start to see those summer temperatures return later this week. not much happening storm scan3, storm that brought the rain over the week send gone, we will see clear skies, look at the future width he model, very boring, good news if you are traveling today maybe just have outdoor plans for the next several days. we will be sitting in the sunshine, nice, quiet,
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comfortable conditions. breezy, mostly sunny, 77 degrees for the afternoon temperature, still comfortable, some 50's in the coolest suburbs, here is the extended forecast, keeping it dry, back to the dry weather once again. temperatures do warm up to the mid 80s, through the end of the week into next weekend, temperatures along the shore, looking pretty good, as well, high temperatures near 80 degrees, so forecast looks quiet in the skies. see what the roads are looking like with meisha, a good morning. >> good morning, justin, roads are looking great. it is still early. it is monday morning, everyone just starting to wake up with us, maybe grab cup of coffee, if you are, we're so happy you're with us this morning. live look outside, the schuylkill eastbound, girard, taillights are moving in the eastbound direction. you can see just casino of steady stream at this point. as i'm watching the cameras, starting to see more and more vehicles slowly start to get on the roadways, as we typically see in the 5:00 hour, specially on a monday. here is a look at 95 southbound at academy, an area i'll keep my eye on, we see it start it build in the 5:00 specially the 6:00 hour.
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burlington bristol bridge, scheduled to open at 5:10 a.m. that was about five minute ago, not yet open. i'll have update for that in just couple every minutes. first accident to the morning, vehicle hit pole in springfield township, route 68 southbound at route 537. all lanes are block. so you certainly want to use an alternate. i would suggest something like wrightstown and georgetown road, actually one street name, wrightstown-georgetown road. that would be the alternate that i would choose. also construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between valley forge and norristown. the left and center lanes are blocked for those of you traveling in and around this area. so overall, just give yourself couple every extra minute as we push toward the 6:00 hour. >> the race heightens between republican presidential candidates. in the campaign 2016, donald trump remains the frontrunner in the latest washington post abc news poll. he is up nine points. but, retired neurosurgeon, doctor ben carson, now at 20%. that's 14 points higher than
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july. republican party chair pribas says he expect more performances at wednesday's debate. >> bernie sanders led -- heading to liberty university. at the school founded by late preacher jerry fowl well. later sanders heads to the prince william county fairground near washington. >> well, this is crazy story here. doctors operate on suspected jewel thief. officials say surgeons in thailand removed six karat diamond from woman's intestine. authorities say the 39 year old woman stole that diamond from a jewelry fair in bancock, swallowing the real stone, replacing it with a fake. x-ray later showed it lodge in the her intestine. that will six karat dime worth about $280,000. authorities arrested the woman and a man she was traveling with, at bancock's international airport. >> still ahead this morning,
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we are getting ready for the eagles game tonight. also, the cowboys play expected to miss weeks of football. we'll explain why. >> and he's got new team, but is he up to the same old tricks? facing questions about that playwrite there, in yesterday's game. we have the details coming up next in sport. we'll be right back.
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>> the night eagles fans had been waiting for for nine long months. so, are you ready for some football? it will be a new look eagles team under coach chip kelly this year. quarterback sam bradford has one new player, as defending rushing champion demarco murray. the eagles owner cautiously optimistic, and the rest of the birds just can't wait to start the season. >> no correlation between pre-season and regular season at all, but what the ingredients are, looks great. i mean, you know, looks wonderful. >> i think more than any other season, probably more excited than ever to get back on the
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field, you know, something that i have ' been waiting a long time for. obviously didn't have the opportunity to do it last year, it's been a while, and i'm looking forward to it. >> dallas cowboys beat the giant late last night. but the win comes at a cost. all-pro wide receiver dez bryant, he broke his right foot in the game. he's expected to miss at least a month or more, so definitely out next week, against the eagles in that injury could derail the cowboys, bryant led the nfl in receives touchdowns last season. listen to there is dolphins defensive tackle, could face suspension again, accused of kicking the helmet of redskins player, alfred morris, has been accused in dirty play in the back. the league has not issued a statement on the alleged kick in the head, but we will see. maybe coming today. over to baseball now, baseball action at the bank tonight, phils take on the washington nationals. the fighting's won two in a row yesterday, beating the cubs seven-four.
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and, the flyers rookies report to camp this morning, in voorhees, the team's full training camp begins friday, almost hockey season. meanwhile, psychly frost across the country competed sunday in doylestown, at the thompson bucks county classic. meisha was at the event there, which included five cycling races foremen, women and children. thousands of spectators watched as the course wrapped around the doylestown arts festival. cbs-3 is the media partner for this event. good day for it, too. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", the new bill being introduced this week to regulate drones. chelsey? >> hundreds of homes destroyed, thousands of people forced to evacuate. devastating wild fires rage through california. i'm chelsey edwards in middletown california, the story coming up. >> also ahead, officials search for the cause after deadly plane crash, near atlantic city, "eyewitness news" has exclusive photos of the search and recovery effort. justin?
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>> good morning, everyone, waking up to some fall like temperatures, but a lot of sunshine this week. we start warming back up. we'll get the full forecast when "eyewitness news" returns. >> thanks, justin. meisha has the latest on your monday morning commute when eyewitness just returns. good morning.
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>> good morning, today is monday, september 14 he, i'm erika von tiehl n just a few minute, we go live to california where fast moving wild fire has turned deadly. we'll have the latest on firefighters efforts to contain t then, just some incredible video to share with you. check it out. two years ago student sent a weather balloon to up capture pictures of the grand canyon. they thought that footage was lost forever. wait until you hear what happened. that will story is coming up in half hour. first you walk outside, maybe to walk the dog, grab the paper, and you feel that temperatures, what, 57 degrees right now? >> feels coal. normally go to the skydeck to warm up, but yes, it has been a while. waking to up chilly temperatures. that's with a we will be dealing with. real think morning, went we get the sun up, should warm the temps up. still couple degrees below average, back to summer like weather later this week. we'll break it down for you. here's what's happening. pleasant monday, if you like
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fall temperatures, you are going to love this morning, even in the afternoon, it stays nice, nice breeze, we do warm up over the next few days, but we are setting to up see another dry stretch. i know we had some rain over the weekends, that was good, but still use a little bit more. but not much really coming up any time soon. look at the numbers, how about that? really for late september, mid 50's, allentown, 57 degrees in philadelphia, 53 degrees in millville. couple of the suburbs down in the lower 50th's, pottstown 51 degrees, quakertown, 52 agree, nice little breeze coming out of the west 10 miles per hour, so it adds little chill out there. storm scan3, nice and quiet, so your morning commute looks good. you will be battling the sun glare, because we go full sunshine around this morning, 7:00 temperatures still in the upper 50's, but look at that, by 1:00 lower 70s, mid afternoon, should top off in the mid 70s for high temperatures. there you go, upper 70s for philadelphia, that will be the warm spot. sunny, breezy, 76 the high temperature at the shore. poconos stays cool in


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